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    IRC Chatroom!


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    IRC Chatroom! Empty IRC Chatroom!

    Post  EternalSpring on Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:06 pm

    The IRC chat room for the Cracking Egg is on the same server as the official DC IRC.

    It is channel #theCrackingEgg .

    For easy access, join here:


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    IRC Chatroom! Empty Rules.

    Post  Qualeo on Wed Mar 31, 2010 12:24 am

    Rules of the Chat:
    • No Spamming allowed

    • Please do not use ALL caps

    • Be Respectful to everyone on the chat

    • Please Try and Control your language ; over usage of swear words, curse word, etc is not permitted

    Helpful Things!
    Admin : EternalSpring, A.K.A TEG.
    OPS : Qualeo
    Voice: Kimiaro , Lydia (EmotionalDragon) , Quichepie
    Kick : kicked from channel. This is not a ban, only a warning. You may reenter the channel.
    Aboose of Power: Basically this means that the Ops or Admin kicked you just for fun. This is not a warning, only a joke.
    Ban: Banned from channel. You may not reenter the channel until your ban is lifted.
    Mute: During mute, only halfops, Ops, Voice, and Admin may speak. The channel is usually muted when someone begins Drama.
    How to change your Nickname: You type the following:
    /Nick Newnicknamehere. Replace newnicknamehere. with the desired Nickname. If that nickname is in use or registered, you will not be able to keep that nickname. Also, no nicks longer than 15 characters.
    How to use an action:
    *Qualeo does an action
    Actions are in a different color from normal typing. to do this, you have to type the following:
    /me Actionhere. Replace Actionhere. with whatever action you are doing
    How to PM a user:
    To PM, or private message, a user you type the following:
    /msg Username Messagehere
    Replace username with the name of the person you are PMing. Replace messagehere with the message. A new tab will show up so you may both talk privately in the PM.

    Feel free to add anything you want Spring. I may add some more later, I did this late at night.

    (Razz Just a few edits here and there. Can you find them?)

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